A celebration of balance

While standing on the rocks next to Hole in the Wall in the Eastern Cape, it was so refreshing and exhilarating watching the rhythm of the waves…

A celebration of balance

Another early morning urge to explore crevices, corners and cracks
Come, the raging waters, determined to muscle through widening gaps
Wave after wave, fierce and bouldering noise. The statement is firm
Rocks and ravines feel the overwhelming intensity, relentlessness
Acknowledge! Motion, energy, power
You can leave if it all seems familiar, but if you stay…

Taste the wind and smell the sky
Break the limitations of your senses, reach down beneath the skin
Breathe deep, see the wave’s perfect timing to shape the white spray
Open your arms!
Go deeper and deeper, fill the five senses, create the sixth, the seventh…
Imagine the eighth, imagine the energy, it can only be transformed and transferred, never destroyed
Can we respond, dare we confirm our fleeting nature?
Dare we state that we know how this works

The earth, standing effortlessly firm
The sea stops absolutely against the rocks. No further than this!
Yet, water is let through where eons of time created wide mouthed funnels into pin sharp points
Water, confidently respond to compressed energy deeper down the funnel and finally spurts
Mist and spray, carried beyond impact to hardened yellow small flowers, jerking in the wind
Rough terrains resemble the omniscience of fearless and shapeless water

Balance, our dismay when the world is out of whack
Consistency and routine are favoured states
Yet, when the deeper energies beyond stir, we grow, change and become, or we falter and break
Is it the fear of our stringed heuristics, contoured by simple and elementary senses?
Should we not embrace change, dig deeper, explore the richness and imaginations beyond control
Does it not take multiple conflicting and contradictory perspectives for the world to make sense?

Imagine the dimensions of a world beyond the visible and open your arms wide, smell the sea and feel the sky…

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