UNISA (2021 – current): Master’s degree in Communication Science

ETDP SETA (2019): Conduct outcomes-based assessments for the research industry

Resuscitation Council of South Africa (2019): First on scene – First aid training

Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2018): Introduction to economic theories

University of Pretoria (2005): Honours Degree in Sociology (Special)

SPSS, Dublin, Ireland (2002): Statistics for Non-statisticians (Certificate Course)

Microsoft accredited Learnfast (2011): Microsoft Excel advanced

Microsoft accredited Learnfast (2011): Microsoft Access for beginners

Faculty of Engineering, University of Pretoria (2000): The built environment and information technology, Environmental Management

Bureau of Market Research, University of South Africa (1996): Certificate in Marketing and Marketing Research

Human Sciences Research Council (1995): Data preparation for Analysis

Psychology, Geography & Sociology, UP (1993): Bachelor of Arts

Research, as a career, continuously exposes one to a wide range of industries, social dynamics and market development. Formal education, training and learning opportunities strengthen thought and application across social and economic verticals.